Hope and Greenwood Christmas! {Review}

20131209-DSC_0908-2 This week I received an early Christmas present from Hope and Greenwood…

A festive bundle of sweeties including Mince Pie BonBons, North Pole Party Caramel Chocolates and Jolly Shake Sweets! I absolutely love Hope and Greenwood’s packaging and branding – that whole retro look with a modern twist. It almost makes you not want to throw the packaging away afterwards…

20131209-DSC_0911-2 The Jolly Christmas Sweets are presented in this cute “shake” cup – which is filled with traditional old favourites such as flying saucers, lollies and mallows. This would be a beautiful gift for any child (or an adult who still has a fondness for their childhood sweets!) 

20131209-DSC_0892-4 These Mince Pie Bonbons were my favourite of the three (you can see one of the jars is already almost empty…) I love the idea of mince pie flavour sweets – and they do taste a bit like them! You can pick up the different mixed spices flavours and the toffee gives a comforting creaminess to offset the sweetness. Delicious! These are a great gift for Christmas lovers with a sweet-tooth and an eye for all things cute :-)

Note: The toffee isn’t too hard nor too soft – but I would still not recommend these to anyone with braces.

20131209-DSC_0895-2 And last but not least, I sampled the North Pole Party pack of caramel chocolates. Again, the packaging is so beautiful and festive plus the chocolate molds are adorable! The caramel inside these chocolates make them a bit more interesting than the usual novelty chocolates and although I’m usually more of a dark chocolate person, these did taste very nice. A great gift idea for milk chocolate lovers who will enjoy the novelty of these Christmas chocolates.

20131209-DSC_0899 You can browse and shop Hope and Greenwood’s seasonal collection on their website. This Gingerbread House filled with fudge sweets caught my eye – so so cute!

20131209-DSC_0916 Have you still got some Christmas shopping left to do? Which of these Hope and Greenwood treats would you most like to find in your Christmas stocking?

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  1. says

    I got to taste everything listed above, I must admit I got to taste the mincepie bonbons quite a number of times, hence the nearly empty jar above……….. lovely. I’m hoping to receive some in my Christmas stocking.

  2. says

    These all look so pretty Aimee, I think all of these would make anyone smile :) I love all the wonderful festive treats you can find during this time of year :)

  3. says

    I love your background with Xmas lights on. It’s making me feel Christmassy! These jar goodies/packagings are fabulously adorable and perfect for the holidays, I wish some vegan companies can make something like this, lol. Mince Pie bon bons?! Speaking of Xmas shopping, I’m not doing that this year (whew!) but I’ll still have to bring back some Parisan goodies for our folks. Beautiful photos x

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