Flanders’ Lemon Flan

Flanders' Lemon Flan

Today I had a bit of confusion with flans. The majority of results on Google seem to say it’s a jelly-like dessert with no crust or base… and Wikipedia says it is made with either a shortcrust or sponge cake base. The latter sounded best to me so that’s what I went with!

So here is my lemon flan (or tart) dedicated to Ned Flanders and my friend Tomás (who I would send this to if I could post it or if I hadn’t already eaten it.)

Flanders' Lemon Flan

I used this recipe from Delicious Magazine to make the flan. And it is indeed “delicious” as the magazine suggests.

Flanders' Lemon Flan

flanders cut out resizeI decorated the flan by printing out a picture of Flanders (see pic to the right) onto some thick card and cut out the dark spaces and lines with a craft knife. I placed the stencil onto the top of the flan and sifted with cocoa powder before removing carefully to reveal Flanders’ beautiful face.

Flanders' Lemon Flan

Are you a fan of Flanders’ flan?


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      Thank you Holly, you are just lovely! And I can honestly say I love to read your blog too (and reading it makes me feel hungry even after I’ve just had dinner) x

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    What an amazing lemon dessert – hehe, either flan or tart would work! You are a talented, talented artist, Aimee! I used to be a fan of Simpsons show, but not anymore! Beautiful artwork, love it! <3

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