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A few weeks back I decided to makeover this old dresser and use it as a place to store my crafts. I’ve always loved working on craft projects but I think the fact that I never had a dedicated or organised space to keep my supplies often held me back. But now have a beautiful dresser with all my supplies displayed neatly and no excuse not to get crafting! Here are a few photos of the dresser…

Dresser Makeover - An old pine dresser has now become a place to store my crafts! I decided to go for a white but “shabby chic” look, which I achieved by sanding the dresser, applying two coats off matt white paint, then giving it another light sanding around the corners and edges. I love the finished look! It’s been so handy for organising my crafts as well as giving me some working space on the tabletop. I did hope that my sewing machine would conveniently fit on top of the tabletop but unfortunately it’s a couple of inches too tall… Still, there’s plenty of room to use it and I can store it away in the cupboards below.

Dresser Makeover - An old pine dresser has now become a place to store my crafts! I’ve been using Pinterest a lot to find inspiration for organising my craft supplies and, as expected, I found some great ideas… (See my Pinterest board below)


  Dresser Makeover - An old pine dresser has now become a place to store my crafts! I saw this idea  which I had to try for myself – using wooden pegs to organise embroidery threads. Before, I had a bag full of knotted string which was no use to me at all, so this was a really handy solution! Plus, it looks pretty :-) 

Dresser Makeover - An old pine dresser has now become a place to store my crafts! And a hanging basket, which I found in a cheapy shop, is now being used to store my zips and fastenings collection. Everything is so neat and tidy! I wonder how long it will stay that way…

 Those of you who like to craft, how do you keep your supplies organised?

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      That’s what I was like before! And everything got lost/broken/made a mess… not good. Such a relief to have it all organised at last :-)

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      Thanks Jessica :-) Yes, I was lucky to get hold of this but keep an eye out at local markets and car boot sales. Even the ugly pieces of furniture can hold so much potential from just a lick of paint! x

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    Hi Aimee, saw this on Pinterest and just wanted to stop by and say I love your new dresser makeover! It looks amazing and so pretty. My yarn is a mess and I really love the wooden pegs idea! Pinned, thanks so much for sharing and hope you have a great week:)

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    Wow Aimee! It looks so beautiful! I love it! I’ve always wanted to do this, but I just never seem to have the patience. I get about 1/2 the way through and give up. I am such a quitter! Hahaha! Maybe if I could create something like this once, I’d be more inspired. It’s gorgeous! And, I love and appreciate the organization ideas!
    Kristi @ Inspiration Kitchen recently posted…Roasted Red Pepper, Bacon & Goat Cheese Appetizer BitesMy Profile

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      Thanks so much Kristi :-) And It’s okay, I too am impatient – it’s kind of a miracle I got this done! But I’m glad I made myself do it, it’s been so worth it…

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    What a beautiful makeover, Aimee, a perfect place to store your creativity and crafts! The shabby chic style suits the room well and of course your blog, and your style! Isn’t sanding fun?! I love your little ducky and white Bambi, they are so cute! Sadly, I’m not as “creative” as you and I keep my files organized on my desktop (haha) but you are one of the most impressive craft artists I’ve come across! Love your works as always!

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