DIY Shamrock Headband

DIY Shamrock Headband  DIY Shamrock Headband 

Whilst perusing Pinterest the other night, as I often like to do, I came across a lovely tutorial for “shamrock” barettes.  They are super cute! However, they’re not actually shamrocks. They’re four leaf clovers (shamrocks have 3 leaves.) So I decided to try out the same technique but with only 3 leaves, and made them into a headband with a piece of black elastic. I think it’s a pretty good look! A not-too-in-your-face way to dress the part on St Patrick’s Day…

How To Make a Shamrockin’ Headband:

You will need…

20140310-DSC_1076 20140310-DSC_1083 20140310-DSC_1087 20140310-DSC_1091
1. Gather all the materials you need.
2. Use a marker to draw 3 shamrock leaf shapes onto the green felt. See the second picture above to copy the shape. They are almost like M’s.
3. Cut the shapes out and thread the needle with your green thread. Don’t tie a knot.
4. Create two long stitches in each leaf and leave a gap of thread between each of them.

20140310-DSC_1093 20140310-DSC_0003 20140310-DSC_0006 20140310-DSC_0008
5. Draw the string together on both sides until the leaves bunch together to create the shamrock shape.
6. Tie a knot at the joining point.
7. Attach the shamrock to the elastic or headband by using the string to tie it in place. Create a stitch in the back if you want to make it extra secure.
8. Repeat until you have 3 shamrocks in varying colours and sizes. Fit the elastic onto your head to fit, then trim (if needed ) and secure the ends with a back stitch.

DIY Shamrock Headband


And did you know these headbands also make a fabulous dog accessory? As demonstrated my lovely assistant, Molly. (“My Irish Molly O!”)

What do you all have planned for St Patrick’s Day? Are there parades where you are? Or are you generally oblivious to the whole thing? I’m usually more the latter and don’t do a whole lot in terms of “celebrating” but I won’t say no to a Guinness or Irish whiskey on the day!




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    Much more stylish than a green wig! And apparently the perfect dog accessory too. We’re having a house-warming party this weekend, completely didn’t realise it’s St Patrick’s Day and now I’m wondering whether people will be expecting guinness and leprechauns :s
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    This is beautiful – I’d like to try it if I get the time. I’m only ever aware of St Patrick’s Day in the background until I walk through campus and there are a lot of rowdy students milling about! I’m more aware of it through blogging mind you and it would be lovely to bake something for it though again there is the time thing!
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      Haha, it’s the same for me. It’s not til I walk past a pub that I really notice it… Still, it’s fun to get involved in the food and drink side. Hope you get round to baking something :-)

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    Such a beautiful DIY headband! These leaves look absolutely adorable for St. Paddy’s Day! Ah nothing really special planned for St. Paddy’s Day, I bet Ireland is filled with interesting events that day so I would say I’m generally oblivious to the whole thing! I do recall not being pinched that day by wearing a green underwear, haha! And I agree, I wouldn’t say no to Irish whiskey either, wahoo!
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